Best Chaise Lounge for Indoor and Outdoor 2023 Modern Designs

Best Chaise Lounge for Indoor and OutdoorA chaise lounge perhaps is a must-have addition to any interior thanks to its functionality both as décor and piece of furniture for relaxation. With that in mind, if you just so happen to be looking for the best chaise lounge to complement your property with, our little chaise lounge roundup may be able to help you.

What is a Chaise Lounge Used For?

Thanks to their deep seats, chaise lounges are great if you like to lean back while watching a movie or reading your favorite book. Apart from that, chaise lounges can provide you with a comfortable space for a quick nap.

The aesthetical purpose of chaise lounges shouldn’t be ignored as well. Chaise lounges are often used purely indoor or outdoor decoration rather than seating space. This is thanks to the unique charm possessed by chaise lounges, as you’ll see from our picks.

11 Best Chaise Lounges for Indoors

Pareesa Mid-Century Modern Chaise Lounge

Pareesa Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge

The Pareesa chaise lounge features a mid-century design that will match classical interiors nicely. Particular eye-catchers in this chaise lounge are its splayed legs with golden tips, the tufted stitch, and the elegant accent pillows.

The Pareesa chaise lounge is remarkable in terms of comfort as well. The accent pillows bear not only aesthetic but also comfort purpose, while the thick cushioning will provide you with a soft surface to rest on.

Jolie Mid-Century Modern Chaise Lounge

Jolie Mid Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge

This mid-century chaise lounge from Jolie perhaps can’t boast the visual qualities of the Pareesa chaise lounge. However, it still is a good option for more classical interiors, and it’s not as expensive as Pareesa’s chaise lounge.

What you may also like about the Jolie chaise lounge is that it doesn’t have wooden armrests, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Apart from that, this chaise lounge is about 5 inches shorter and narrower than the Pareesa unit, so it’s a better option for crowded interiors. But on the other hand, this also means that you have less space for relaxation.

Rosevera Teofila Chaise Lounge

Rosevera TeofilaTufted Chaise Lounge Chair, Beige

The exceptionally elegant Rosevera Teofila chaise lounge radiates luxury. This chaise lounge features a brilliant combination of curves and tufted stitching that will likely add a more premium feel to your interior.

The curved seat of Teofila along with the included accent pillow will deliver great comfort as well. At the same time, the stain-resistant polyester fabric will make cleanup a little bit easier, though this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful with your beverages.

Baxton Studio Chaise

Baxton Studio Chaise, Beige

The Baxton studio chaise is a perfect chaise lounge for an empty corner. Its back gently extends into the tall armrest at the side, as if suggesting the ideal orientation in your interior.

The armrest not only is good-looking but also serves a functional purpose, providing you with an additional surface to lean against. While doing so, expect the foam padding to deliver great comfort and support.

Jolie Mid-Century Wine Modern Chaise Lounge

 Jolie Mid Century Modern Wine Fabric Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge from Jolie is similar if not identical to the previous Jolie model reviewed earlier.

The key feature of this Jolie mid-century chaise lounge is its beautiful wine color. It won’t be a good fit for every interior, but it can work excellently with darker shades of various colors. As you can see from its images, it works particularly well with dark shades of blue.

Phelps Modern Fabric Chaise Loveseat

Phelps Modern Fabric Chaise Loveseat

The Phelps Modern Fabric Chaise Loveseat is a dual purpose furniture. It can be used as a loveseat sofa or a lounge sofa. In terms of aesthetics, it should fit most interiors thanks to its eye-catching, unique design.

This furniture has sturdy built and modern design. The base is made of iron to insure it can endure any weight. You can also choose three different colors to fit with your interior you have.

Garamond Tufted New Velvet Chaise Lounge

Garamond Tufted New Velvet Chaise Lounge

The Garamond chaise lounge boasts a more aggressive recline compared to other chaise lounges on the list. It’s perhaps not the most comfortable for book reading, but you could expect it to be excellent for relaxation.

Arguably, the New Velvet chaise lounge also serves an aesthetic rather than a practical purpose. Its symmetrically curved shape looks absolutely gorgeous, while the tufted buttons impart a more vintage look to it.

Olympia Modern Tufted Fabric Double Chaise Lounge

Olympia Modern Tufted Fabric Double Chaise Lounge

If you need  deep seat chaise lounge, then this double chaise lounge from Olympia may caught your attention. It has a seating depth of 44.75 inches. If you need wide space, then check this one out.

Phyllis Modern Chesterfield Chaise Lounge

Phyllis Modern Glam Fabric Chesterfield Chaise Lounge

Let’s put it straight – this chaise lounge from Phyllis is a pretty weird one. It looks very different from other chaise lounges on our list. It’s like Phyllis has combined a chesterfield armchair with an ottoman stool.

With that in mind, the chesterfield chaise lounge from Phyllis will probably be a good fit for only a small number of interiors. However, it could work perfectly if you have chesterfield-style furniture in your home already. Plus, its tall armrests may make it more comfortable than the average chaise lounge.

Sophia Mid-Century Modern Chaise Lounge

Sophia Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge

The Sophia mid-century chaise lounge doesn’t have any fancy aesthetic touches. This isn’t necessarily bad though – on the contrary, thanks to its simplicity, it will work with a much wider variety of interiors than something like the Phyllis chaise lounge.

With that said, due to the one-sided armrest, I feel that this chaise lounge will work better in a corner. But you are free to place it wherever you want it.

Remarkably, the Sophia chaise lounge has the deepest seat on the list – 57.75 inches. It’s quite wide as well (31 inches), so expect it to deliver excellent comfort.

Simple Storage Chaise Lounge

Storage Chaise Lounge - Contemporary Lift Up Tufted Seat Chair - Microfiber Upholstered and Foam Filling - Nailhead Trim - Mahogany Legs - Great for Your Living Room

The key feature of this chaise lounge is the storage beneath the seat cushion. Sized at 46 x 20.25 x 4 inches, the storage compartment offers plenty of space for your belongings.

When it comes to design, this storage chaise lounge is also one of those pieces that will work especially well in the corner of your room. Besides, this chaise lounge will be a more fitting choice for contemporary interiors.

11 Best Chaise Lounges for Outdoors

Budva Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Chaise Lounge

Budva Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Chaise Lounge w/ Cushion

Priced steeply, this 2-pack from Budva is an excellent choice for heavy use. For weather resistance, the chaise lounges in this set feature all-weather wicker, corrosion-resistant iron frame, and a water-resistant fabric.

For comfort, you are getting thick cushioning along with a widely adjustable backrest. And thanks to their sleek design, Budva chaise lounges will be an ideal choice for contemporary settings.

Manuela Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Manuela Outdoor Single Multibrown Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair

If you are on a tighter budget, then consider this outdoor chaise lounge from Manuela. It’s much cheaper than a Zendaya chaise lounge – probably because the Manuela chaise lounge has no fabric in it.

Instead, the build of the Manuela outdoor chaise lounge incorporates only wicker and corrosion-resistant aluminum. There isn’t as much cushioning in this chaise lounge as in the Zendaya unit, but it still offers a decent amount of comfort. It also has an adjustable back for added flexibility.

Design-wise, the Manuela chaise lounge again is a contemporary piece of furniture, but it’s more elegant than the Zendaya chaise lounge thanks to its curvier design and triangular legs.

Flamaker Chaise Lounge 2-Pack

Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Chaise Lounge with Cushions Unadjustable Modern Outdoor Furniture Set PE Wicker Rattan Backrest Lounger Chair Patio Folding Chaise Lounge with Folding Table

Yet another 2-pack on our list, but it’s much, much cheaper than the Zendaya set. This implies some compromises in durability, but if you want a pocket-friendly pair of chaise lounges, you may look no further.

Flamaker chaise lounges feature a steel frame encased in UV-resistant rattan. The cushion in the chaise lounges is made from beautiful red polyester. Aside from gorgeous looks, the cushions should also be fairly durable thanks to their fade resistance.

Notably, the chaise lounges are foldable and stackable, so they should be very convenient in storage.

Christopher Knight Outdoor Chaise Lounges, Set of 2

 Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Pool/Deck Furniture, Teak Chaise Lounge Chairs with Cushions

Unlike the so far reviewed outdoor chaise lounges, the frame in Christopher Knight chaise lounges is made from wood. Wood won’t have the sheer strength of steel or aluminum, but it should be more than enough for most users.

Plus, the teak-finish wood will make these chaise lounges look gorgeous in some settings. At the same time, the thick polyester cushioning will ensure a solid level of comfort.

Kozyard Maya Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Kozyard Maya Outdoor Chaise Lounge Weather & Rust Resistant Steel Chair with Polyester Fabric Cushion for Pool, Patio, Deck or Yard

This outdoor chaise lounge from Kozyard Maya is fairly inexpensive yet boasts excellent durability. The frame here is made from powder-coated steel, while the removable cushions feature weather- and stain-resistant fabric.

In terms of looks, this chaise lounge doesn’t have anything eye-catching to offer. However, it still remains a great buy for the money that should last for the years to come.

HPW Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Outdoor Chaise Lounge with 2 Wheels for Easy Movement Folding Recliner 7 Adjustable Position Rattan Lounge Chair Heavy Duty Aluminum Tube Construction Perfect for Patio Garden Beach Pool Side Using

The key benefits of the HPW outdoor chaise lounge are its storage-efficiency and portability. The former is thanks to the foldable aluminum frame, while the latter is due to the integrated wheels.

When it comes to comfort, the HPW chaise lounge is decent as well thanks to its adjustable back recline and integrated armrests. With that said, it doesn’t come with any cushions, so you may need to get them separately.

Devoko Chaise Lounge Sets

 Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Sets Outdoor Rattan Adjustable Back 3 Pieces Cushioned Patio Folding Chaise Lounge with Folding Table

This chaise lounge set may seem identical to the Flamaker set reviewed earlier, but there are a few differences that make the Devoko 2-pack better.

First off, the back angle in Devoko chaise lounges may be adjusted to one of the 5 available positions.

Secondly, Devoko chaise lounges are a little bit more durable, boasting 350-pound weight capacity – 50 more than in Flamaker chaise lounges.

Finally, the weather-resistant rattan appears to be tougher as well thanks to its wear resistance.

Classic Accessories Storigami Chaise Lounge

Classic Accessories 60-531-015501-EC Storigami FadeSafe Chaise Lounge

The Storigami chaise lounge is yet another affordable option on our list. Despite its cheapness, it can boast a few interesting features.

How about great portability? The integrated rear wheels should make the transport of this non-foldable chaise lounge much easier.

Aside from portability, this chaise lounge offers good weather-resistance as well with its water-, stain-, and fade-resistant cushion. The cushion is comfortable as well, conforming to your body and silhouette of the chair.

Cherie Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Cherie Outdoor Chaise Lounge with Cushion

The Cherie outdoor chaise lounge promises excellent longevity with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and water-resistant cushions.

Not only is this chaise lounge durable but also highly comfortable. The mesh seating in this chaise lounge will keep you cushioned and cool, while the adjustable back with 5 different positions will allow for added flexibility for your relaxation needs.

The Cherie chaise lounge is great portability-wise as well thanks to the integrated wheels in the back legs.

Kyle Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge

Kyle Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge with Wicker Seating

This uniquely elegant chaise lounge from Kyle will likely be a great pick for modern settings. The highlight of the Kyle Outdoor Rustic Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge is the simple decorative armrests. While they serve little practical purpose, they make up much of the charm of this chaise lounge.

The wicker seating makes this chaise lounge a great option for outdoors. The frame is made from Acacia wood. With its natural features, it makes this chaise lounge rustic from time to time. You can assure that this kind of wood will last even in harshest environment.

San Outdoor Mesh Chaise Lounge

San Outdoor Mesh Chaise Lounge

And lastly, we have the minimalistic and sleek San chaise lounge. Thanks to its simple design, this chaise lounge should work with any patio, but it will match contemporary settings especially well.

For durability, the San chaise lounge boasts a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. And for comfort, it features a flexible and breathable mesh seat.

Notably, the San outdoor chaise lounge is available in packs of 1, 2, and 4. This model isn’t expensive by itself, and you may save a lot of money if you opt for the multisets.

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