23 Best Console Tables You Can Buy in 2023

Best Console Table Do you need a versatile console table to complete your interior? Below, we’ll showcase 20+ console tables, touching upon their aesthetic features, as well as what they have to offer in terms of function.

Console Table Purpose and Uses

A console table could be placed just about anywhere in your home to complement your interior. Typically, console tables are placed against walls and may be used:

Most often, console tables are used for decorative purposes, although as you’ll see from our suggestions, they can be exceptionally practical as well.

23 Best Console Tables to Buy

GHQME Industrial Console Table

GHQME Industrial Console Table

The GHQME console table offers an attractive and simplistic look executed in an industrial style. This console table features a harmonic combo of bronze-tone legs and a dark brown MDF tabletop to decorate your interior.

The GHQME industrial console table is not only about aesthetics – it offers ample storage space too with its top and bottom storage shelves.

Crown Mark Draper Console Table

Crown Mark Draper Console Table, Espresso

The Crown Mark Draper console table is extremely simple yet is expressive enough to make a statement. The elegant curves along with the espresso finish make this table a fine choice for more classic interiors.

Although the Crown Mark Draper console table is more about form than function, it has some practicality to it as well. It has ample tabletop space, while the two bottom shelves can be used to hold a decorative piece or perhaps your favorite plant.

Alvorog Side Table

alvorog End Side Table 2-Tier Nightstand with Storage Shelf Coffee Table Easy Assembly Wood Look Accent Furniture for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen

We like the bold roughness of the Alvorog side table. The Alvorog side table had a similar vibe, but it softened its design with a touch of elegance via the metal frame.

Alvorog side table has employed a contrasting approach, imparting a much rougher vibe to this table. It’s very rustic and is a great choice for simpler, less elegant interiors.

What’s also remarkable about the Alvorog side table is that you could use it for shoe storage – the mesh bottom shelf is quite fitted for it.

White & Gold Narrow Console Table

White & Gold Narrow Console Table Accent Table for Entryway X Base Metal in Large

If you can’t stand MDF in your home, then take a look at this console table with an X base. The highlight of this console table is its golden X base that should deliver aesthetic beauty to any rooms.

Its base is made of metal and the table top is pinewood. You may have the option choose for a white or black table top to blend in perfectly with your home theme.

Modern Walnut & Black Console Table with Drawers

Modern Walnut & Black Consloe Table with Drawers

With its elegant curves and matte surfaces, this console table is a wonderful choice for modern interiors. The design itself feels luxurious and you can’t find this on most homes.

You may not notice in one look but this console table has storage in it. This may be a great addition in most modern homes thanks to its modern design.

Bush Console Table With Drawers

Console Table with Drawers by Bush

When it comes to industrial furniture, you will struggle to find anything as unique and eye-catching as this console table from Bush. On other console tables, exposed screws and bolts would make for a very ugly spectacle – here, such details complement and enhance the character of this table.

The Bush console table won’t fit every interior, but if you happen to have a home styled similarly to it, you will be getting a wonderful console table to improve your interior with.

Bush Console Table With Shelves

Console Table with Shelves by Bush

This console table from Bush is drastically different from the previous one. It ditches all industrial elements and instead offers a sleek look and light colors that will fit interiors centered around shades of white.

Instead of drawers, this console table employs shelves for storage as well.

Bush Glass Top Console Table

Glass Top Console Table by Bush

Bush calls the vibe of this console table “industrial modern aesthetic”. This phrase perfectly nails what this console table has to offer. The glass top imparts a modern feel to the table, while the metal frame pulls its design more toward the industrial.

If you are brave enough to use the glass tabletop for decorative items or books, then this table provides you with two shelves for storage as well.

Safavieh American Homes Collection Samantha Console Table

Safavieh American Homes Collection Samantha Vintage Grey 2-Drawer Console Table

The Samantha console table from the Safavieh American Homes Collection boasts the feel and grandeur of solid pine wood. This console table is yet another fine option if you can’t stand any other wood style than solid.

The grey finish and the restrained curves make the Samantha console table a wonderful addition to vintage interiors as well.

In terms of practicality, this console table offers so far unparalleled storage space thanks to its tabletop, bottom shelf, and two drawers.

Christopher Knight Home Appleton Two-Shelf Industrial Media Bookcase

Christopher Knight Home Appleton Two-Shelf Industrial Media Bookcase

Christopher Knight advertises this as a “media bookcase”, but you may use it as a console table as well – the form-factor of this and other console tables is similar.

The design of the Christopher Knight media bookcase combines industrial and classical details. The base board on this table is quite remarkable too – it adds both visual and physical weight to the table’s construction.

Storage space is also a strong suit of the Christopher Knight console table – you get 3 shelves to store your items and decorative pieces on.

Christopher Knight Home Grant Acacia Wood Accent Table

Christopher Knight Home Grant Acacia Wood Accent Table, Brushed Morning Mist

This one’s advertised as an accent table, but feel free to use it as a console table too, especially if you don’t have much free space. The Christopher Knight Home Grant Acacia Wood Accent Table is compact but has the visual heft to noticeably enhance antique interiors.

Despite its compactness, this table features a solid amount of storage space in its two shelves and drawers as well.

Bush Console Table with Storage

Console Table with Storage by Bush

This table from Bush is one of the best console tables on this list when it comes to storage. Not only does this console table have ample shelf and drawer space, but it also has a desktop organizer on top.

With that, this Bush console table is not only capable of complementing your interior but also provides you with a good deal of storage space for keys, books, and decorative items.

Henn&Hart Modern Console Table

Henn&Hart Modern Console Sofa 3-Tier Open Shelf, Entryway/Hallway Table for Living Room, Multiple Colors/Sizes

The Henn&Hart console table is an excellent purchase for modern interiors.

Thanks to its gilded finish, it works especially well with interiors where white is the primary color. You could also pair this console table with dark brown or black interiors, but this combo would work the best if you already have other gilded items in your home.

The metal frame of this console table is complemented with a tempered glass tabletop and shelves too. The glass certainly adds to the elegance of this table, but it also means that you should be careful when handling it.

HOMCOM Freestanding Sideboard Buffet Table

HOMCOM Freestanding Sideboard Buffet Table with 4 Large Storage Compartments, Grey

Extremely simple and stylish – these two words perfectly characterize this console table from Homcom. The HOMCOM Freestanding Sideboard Buffet Table wonderfully pairs with contemporary interiors, and it is sleek enough to be placed in a modern-style home as well.

We also like the abundance of headroom in the bottom shelf of this table. If you have plenty of plants but no place to put them, then the HOMCOM Freestanding Sideboard Buffet Table might be the perfect spot.

Henn&Hart Industrial Console Table

Henn&Hart Industrial Metal Perforated Mesh Shelf Console table

If you liked the Henn&Hart modern console table but want something in a more industrial style, then this table might be an excellent choice. This console table retains the basic forms of the gilded table while adding a few industrial accents.

To achieve an industrial vibe, this console table abandons the gilded finish and goes for a black one. Additionally, the bottom shelf here is made of fine mesh wire. The tabletop, in the meantime, is again glass.

In the end, this Henn&Hart console table features an interesting and undoubtedly attractive combination of modern and industrial motifs.

Flossie Shelf & Storage Console Table

Flossie Shelf & Storage Cabinet Console Table

The Flossie console table combines the features of a cabinet and console table. On the top, you have 3 shelves with plenty of storage space, while the bottom half features two cabinet compartments.

When it comes to style, the Flossie console table is somewhat industrial and rustic. Thanks to its attractive acacia wood build, it’s a great choice for interiors rich in wooden details and accents too.

Modern Tempered Glass Console Table

Christopher Knight Home Cadyn Tempered Glass Console Table

This console table is unique in that it is made of 12mm tempered glass. It’s completely transparent and is especially great for modern interiors. Though arguably, you could use it in any home.

When it comes to function, this console table is perhaps the least practical on this list. The tempered glass is thick and thus should be quite sturdy, but we wouldn’t put much weight onto it.

With that, this console table would work the best if you are just looking for an accent piece for your home.

Breklyn Rustic Glam Console Table

Breklyn Rustic Glam Console Table with Raw Wood Tabletop

This console table from Breklyn is quite bizarre. The base of this console table is made of polished iron, which imparts a more modern vibe to the table. At the same time, the tabletop is made of chipped, weathered wood, which adds prominent rustic tones to the table.

With that, the Breklyn table fuses a very contrasting combination of styles.

No doubt, this console table is remarkable in its design. However, we think that it will not fit many interiors. Nonetheless, we decided to showcase it on this top because some of our readers may fall in love with it at first sight.

OSP Home Furnishings Sierra Foyer Table

 OSP Home Furnishings Sierra Solid Wood Foyer Table, Ash Finish

The OSP Home Furnishings Sierra foyer table features a traditional wooden build in a contemporary style. This foyer table is a fine addition to wood-rich interiors – especially if you have other mission-style furniture.

The OSP foyer table features a combination of solid and engineered wood – likely to lower the price while still offering the feel of authentic wood. And although it’s intended as a contemporary piece of furniture, it is neutral enough to work with any home style.

VASAGLE Industrial Sofa Table

VASAGLE Industrial Sofa Table, Console Table with Mesh Shelf and Storage Rack, Entryway Table for Living Room and Office, Stable Metal Frame

The VASAGLE sofa table features an industrial style composed of a black metal frame with a mesh shelf and a wooden top with a unique charred feel to it. It’s as if the frame has been forged with the wood already mounted – though this is impossible, needless to say.

The white feet somewhat break the style of this table, but you may paint or easily replace them, so we don’t consider that to be a huge downside.

Modway Gridiron Contemporary/Modern Console Table

 Modway Gridiron Contemporary Modern Stainless Steel Console Table With Wood Inlay

The Gridiron table offers a unique frame combining stainless steel with wood inlays. Like the Breklyn console table, this table combines quite contrasting details, though the difference in style between them isn’t as dramatic.

The Modway Gridiron console table probably won’t be the right choice for many interiors, but its style will certainly be endlessly charming to some of you.

VASAGLE Industrial Console Table

VASAGLE Industrial Console Table, Entryway Sofa Table with 2 Drawers and Shelf, Accent Storage with Sturdy Metal Frame, for Living Room, Rustic Brown ULNT39X

The VASAGLE industrial sofa table’s design makes a return here, but in a different form factor. This console table, despite its undoubtedly industrial style, is sleeker than the sofa table and therefore should fit a wider range of interiors.

In our opinion, this table’s design is neutral enough to work in any home, but it would be ideal if your interior had the same kind of wooden elements as this table.

eHomeProducts Vintage Console Table

 Vintage Dark Brown Black Metal Frame 3-Tier Console Table Bookcase Bookshelf

And finally, we have this vintage/industrial console table. Featuring MDF, wood veneer, and metal, this console table is a wonderful addition to more rustic interiors. It’s also a great choice if you want a more restrained industrial console table.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a console table, you should consider both aesthetics and practicality. Though needless to say, for some people, form is going to matter more than function.

But no matter what you choose in the end, make sure that it fits the vibe of your interior!

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