24 Creative Ideas for Your Bedroom Renovation

Creative Ideas for Your Bedroom Renovation The bedroom is one of the most important places in the home. However, it can sometimes be neglected. If you’re considering renovating your bedroom and want some fresh and innovative ideas, this guide is for you.

Whether you want a relaxing sanctuary from the world or simply a fun, spruced-up area, we’ve gathered a collection of creative ways you can easily and effectively revamp your bedroom.

Create a master suite


Want your bedroom to feel like a personal haven away from the world? Leave your troubles at the door by turning it into a master suite.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. You can connect two separate bedrooms and even include part of your top-floor hallway to create a luxury living/sleeping area.


Canopy Luxurious and attractive, hanging a flowing canopy over your bed adds a touch of glamour to any bedroom. Go for white or cream for a traditional effect or try black or grey if you want something more unique.


Think outside of the box when it comes to illuminating your bedroom. Buy a new lamp and ceiling-light shades in bold colors or jazzy patterns. Consider investing in track lighting, which is contemporary and easy to install for a more standout look.


Research shows that sleep is incredibly important for your wellbeing, which means that you need to create a space where you feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. A simple way to do this is by making your bedroom personal to you.

Give it a theme—whether its ‘fairytale escape’ or ‘tropical paradise’—and buy lampshades, bed clothing, rugs, wallpaper, and furniture that reflects it. This will help make your bedroom somewhere you enjoy being every evening.


Simple but effective, splashing some fresh paint onto your bedroom walls can make the space feel like new. Remember, small rooms look bigger when painted in light or pastel shades, while large rooms with good natural light can get away with darker and bolder hues.


Clear, Clean and Shiny Laminate Flooring

What flooring do you prefer? If you enjoy the easy-cleaning aspect of laminate, invest in this and keep the room looking cozy with a couple of thick rugs that match your color scheme. Alternatively, carpet gives a room a homely feel, while dark hardwood adds a sense of grandeur that can be perfect for a master bedroom. Want to be more creative? Try ceramic tiles.

Take a seat

If you’re looking for quirky bedroom renovation ideas, invest in seating. A painted wooden stool, retro rocking chair or even garden bench will all make your bedroom pop with creativity if you have the space for them.

Ceiling art

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, your bedroom should be a dedicated place for rest. By painting your ceiling to match your walls, you can give your bedroom a quirky ‘cave’ effect that might help you disconnect from anything that has annoyed or bothered you during the day.


Not only essential to ensuring we look ready for the day ahead, but mirrors are also great ways to enhance a bedroom. If your bedroom has a classic theme, go for a large, grand, and ornate design. Otherwise, why not buy smaller, individual mirrors and hang them randomly on your walls. This is also a great way to reflect light and brighten up your bedroom.

Bring the outside inside

Nature-Themed Bedroom Do you feel at peace when hiking or simply strolling through your local park? Create this sense of tranquility in your bedroom by adding flowers, plants and nature-themed furnishings (such as curtains, rugs and bed covers).


Give your bedroom a splash of quirkiness with two-tone walls. This is simple to do yourself. Just buy two shades of the same color (such as emerald and sage or blush and magenta), and then paint the lower half of your bedroom wall in one shade and the top half in the other.

Luxury zone

Essentially, a bedroom is a place for peaceful sleep. Therefore, you should start by making sure your bed is in the ideal spot. This will ensure that you get adequate rest night after night.

Good rest also has a lot to do with the kind of mattress you sleep on. So, it’s a good idea when changing your bedroom to make your first step about finding the right mattress. To help, browse some of the best mattresses recommendations by eachnight and then work out from there to create the ideal bedroom.


Painting Art Bedroom Sometimes a few small pieces of interesting art can breathe new life into an old bedroom. Check out a few independent retailers for engaging pictures—whether you want a large mural to hang over your bed or a few small pieces to place on your window ledge, dresser, or bedside table.

Go chrome

Give your bedroom an instant pick-me-up with gold, silver or steel-grey accessories, such as lamps, picture frames, and knobs for your dressers, drawers and wardrobe.

Think pattern

From paisley and chevron to tartan and toile, there is a huge range of exciting patterns to help you get creative with your bedroom renovations. You can either go all out with patterned wallpaper or keep it simple with a few patterned furnishings such as a rug and bedspread.

Contrasting colors

Bored of the same old walls? Make your bedroom stand out by using high-contrast colors. For example, white and navy deliver a nautical theme while black and light grey offer a retro chrome effect.


Happy with your bed but think it needs jazzing up? Get a wall-mounted headboard or be really creative and simply paint one on the wall behind your bed using a stencil!

Reading area

If your bedroom is big enough, create a peaceful and cozy place to read. A rocking chair with a comfortable cushion surrounded by a small shelf, thick rug, and retro lamp can create the perfect space to unwind with a good book.

Get wallpaper creative

Embossed Wallpaper Bedroom Forget the standard plain paper. There are many variations of wallpaper available that can bring your bedroom to life and add an instant feel of creativity.

Embossed paper is great if you want a retro vibe and like the raised, textured effect. Then there are brick or stone designs that bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Or you could go for flock, which has a luxurious velvet-like texture.


Are all your favorite trinkets and ornaments being stored under your bed or cluttering your dresser? Put up a few shelves and get those special souvenirs, beloved books, and funny mementos on show.

Go minimalist

Minimalist Bedroom Perhaps you have too much clutter on show and want to create a more minimalist décor. If that’s the case, invest in under-bed storage boxes to safely store your goods. This will keep your dressers, tables, and other surfaces completely clear.


Cushions and pillows are great for adding layers to your bed. Go for ones in different shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics and place these both at the top and bottom of your bed to add appeal.

Photo murals

Get your favorite picture made into a wall mural to give your bedroom a customized look that you’ll enjoy every evening. These are usually split into quarter panels for easy installation.

Try vintage

Styles of years gone by are fast becoming popular in interior design. So, why not join the trend? Give your bedroom a touch of classic elegance with an old-fashioned bedside table or grand wardrobe.

Renovating your bedroom needn’t be expensive. Bear these tips in mind when decorating to help add a sense of creativity to your designs.

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