30 Beautiful, Modern Deep Seat Sofas You Can Buy This 2023

Deep Seat SofaLike to lounge back but lack seat depth in your sofa? Well, if that’s the case, then a deep seat sofa is the solution to your problem! And below, we are going to provide you with a few dozen options of deep-seated sofas along with a general overview of each!

What Is A Deep-Seated Sofa?

Sofa seat depths – that is, the distance between the edge of the seat and the back of the cushion – usually fall somewhere between the 21 and 24-inch (inner depth) range. A deep-seated sofa is thus any sofa that has a seat depth of 21-inch or deeper.

There is no specific rule to whether the sofa is considered a deep seat. A sofa with a 21-inch inner depth can be considered a deep seat for people whose height is 5 feet or lower while 24-25 inch sofas for 6 footers. It will really depend on how comfortable you are while sitting. If you feel that 21-inch is not deep, then you may opt for a deeper size.

Regular Sofa vs Deep Seat Sofa

Regular-depth sofas are suitable for those who like to sit upright with their feet planted on the floor. Deep-seat sofas, on the other hand, are better for those people who like to lounge back or sit with the feet tucked up on the sofa.

Aside from that, a sofa with a deeper seat can be more convenient for taller individuals than regular sofas. If you are over 6 feet tall, then regular 21-24-inch seat depths may not be convenient for you even for upright sitting.

While deep-seat sofas imply some benefits for taller people or those who like to lounge back, you also need to remember that they require more free space. A deeper seat makes the sofa a bit deeper overall, so make sure that you have the room space to provide to a deep-seated sofa.

30 Best Deep Seat Sofas to Buy This Year

We’ve listed some of the best deep-seated sofas ranging from 21-30 inches inner seating depth. Enjoy reading!

Aidan Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa

Aidan Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa

At about 30 inches with side cushions, the seat depth in the Aidan sofa is the deepest in our list. This mid century modern deep-seated sofa has a side cushion with a wood framework that is suitable for people who likes some wood in sofa.

The more relaxed seat lean also contributes to the comfort of this sofa, allowing you to lounge back a little bit more conveniently.

Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

Rivet Aiden Tufted Mid-Century Modern Leather Bench Loveseat Couch Sofa

Built in a mid-century century style, the Rivet Aiden is not only gorgeous but also quite comfortable for lounging with its 24 inches deep seat. Not only that, it’s more upright seat lean will allow for increased seating comfort for those who like to sometimes sit upright.

If you also like your sofa on the firmer side, then you’ll be glad to hear that this sofa doesn’t have that overwhelmingly soft cushioning that often lacks support.

Stone & Beam Lauren Loveseat

Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Loveseat with Hardwood Frame

1-2 inches deeper than in the Rivet sofa, the seat in the Stone & Beam sofa will likely be a better option for taller individuals. In terms of softness and seat lean, this sofa seems to be very similar to the Rivet Revolve sofa, so one of the main decision criteria for you will be the seat depth.

Another important difference in this sofa is that it’s a loveseat with space for two or maybe three people. If seating space doesn’t really matter to you and if you have limited room, then this sofa is going to be a better option thanks to its compactness.

Kyle Traditional Chesterfield Loveseat

kyle traditional chesterfield loveseat sofa

At a depth of 23.5 inches, the seat in this sofa by Kyle is neither too shallow nor too deep. It’s a fairly good option for shorter individuals, and the low back portion will provide you with some surface to put your head on.

This loveseat also has a beautiful classic vibe to eat thanks to the button tufting, nailhead accents, and traditional rolled arms.

One thing to keep in mind is that the seat depth is referred to by the seller as width, so don’t be surprised if you see different numbers than what we’ve mentioned.

Rivet Berkshire Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Rivet Berkshire Mid-Century Modern Sofa Couch

At 22 inches, the seat depth of this sofa may actually be considered regular. But depending on your height and needs, this sofa might be deep enough for you.

Besides, you may like this sofa if you like your seating surface to be on a little firmer side. The recline here also is a little less relaxed than in the Rivet Revolve sofa overviewed at the beginning, but if you sometimes like to sit upright, this won’t be an issue for you.

Kastle Modern Fabric 3-Seater Sofa

kastle modern fabric 3 seater sofa

This sofa by Kastle also offers a relatively shallow seat depth of 22.5 inches, but it’s probably going to be a better option than the Rivet Berkshire if you like softness.

The Kastle 3-seater sofa offers a “pillow-like” comfort that actually allows for very decent lounging capability for its seat depth. You are getting accent pillows as well for increased seating comfort. Finally, this sofa’s generous upholstering and elegant curves make it a great option for contemporary interiors.

Kennedii Mid-Century Modern Tufted 3-Seater Sofa

kennedii mid-century modern fabric upholstered tufted 3 seater sofa

With 22.5 inches of seat depth, the Kennedii mid-century sofa is again a solid choice for shorter individuals. Besides, what this sofa has got going for it is minimalistic elegance that’s going to work especially well with bright-accent interiors.

What you may also like about this sofa is its low-profile design that can actually make lounging more convenient. The low back can serve as a resting spot for your head, and given that you aren’t too tall, the Kennedii sofa may be a great option for lounging.

Betty Contemporary Fabric Sofa

betty contemporary fabric sofa

The seat depth of this fabric sofa isn’t listed, unfortunately, but it should be around 22-23 inches since the difference between overall depth and seat depth usually is about 10 inches in sofas.

Unlike the Kennedii sofa, the Betty sofa has a high backrest that’s going to be comfortable for those who like to occasionally sit upright. The thick seat cushion also provides decent softness, while the tall armrests will provide you with a firm support surface and even with protection from draft (as Betty notes).

Signature Design By Ashley Julson Contemporary Sofa

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Julson Contemporary Sofa - 3 Seats - Puckered Stitching - Dune

The well-padded back and armrests of this sofa are no less comfortable than they are eye-catching. Even though the back in this sofa is fixed, the thick cushioning should be able to provide great comfort for lounging and upright seating.

Due to its bulky design, the Julson contemporary sofa probably isn’t the best option for space-limited rooms. With that said, you may choose a loveseat variant of this sofa, which should work pretty well in small areas.

Signature Design By Ashley Darcy Contemporary Loveseat

Signature Design by Ashley - Darcy Contemporary Microfiber Loveseat, Cobblestone

While the Darcy loveseat is again one of the shallower deep-seated sofas, it can work great for lounging thanks to its loose back pillows. The pillows can be not only moved around but also are well-cushioned, and so are the foam cushions and the armrests.

Besides, being a loveseat, this loveseat will be a better choice for space-limited areas.

Kayleigh Modern Glam 3-Seater Sofa

kayleigh modern glam tufted velvet 3 seater sofa

With its relatively low amount of cushioning, this 3-seater sofa by Kayleigh should be a decent option if you like to occasionally seat upright. It’s 22.5 inches deep seat is relatively shallow, but it should be suitable for shorter people.

The Kayleigh 3-seater sofa is quite the eye-catcher as well – featuring tufted velvet, this sofa will likely be a fine addition to more classic interiors.

Meridian Furniture 3-Piece Sectional Sofa

Meridian Furniture Gail Collection Modern

If you have plenty of room for your new sofa, then consider this chaise sofa by Meridian Furniture. Offering two chaise portions on the sides, this sofa will offer more depth than any regular sofa.

The chaises provide great lounging opportunities by themselves, and the included throw pillows will likely be able to increase your comfort further. The middle portion in this chaise sofa basically is a regular sofa, but it offers some decent depth as well.

Signature Design by Ashley – Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley - Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Sofa, Slate Gray

Boasting plush comfort, the Bladen contemporary sofa is a solid option to consider. The cushions on this sofa seem to be on the firmer side, but that can be good if you value support over everything else.

With a seat depth of around 22 inches, the Bladen sofa should be good for lounging as well, especially for shorter individuals. As the seller writes, the pillowy armrests and cushions will “cradle you into ultimate relaxation”, which is what you probably want from a deeper-seat sofa.

Signature Design By Ashley Gilmer Contemporary Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley - Gilmer Contemporary Chenille Upholstered Sofa

With a seat depth of 24 inches, the Gilmer contemporary sofa promises to be a fairly good option for lounging for most people regardless of height. The included 5 toss pillows should allow for even better comfort, as well as some adjustability to your sitting position.

What we personally like about this sofa is that it has a restrained contemporary design that will probably fit most interiors. Some of the previously overviewed sofas can’t boast the same level of universality that the design of the Gilmer sofa has.

Liyat Contemporary Sectional Sofa & Ottoman Set

liyat indoor contemporary fabric 5 seater bean bag sectional with ottoman

While the Liyat set includes just 5 pieces to make a sectional sofa with, you are getting much better seat depth at 23-23.75 inches depending on the piece. And since you can again arrange the pieces pretty much in any way you want, you can get much more out of this set.

Aside from 5 seat pieces, you are also getting an ottoman that you can use either for its intended purpose or to extend the seating space further.

Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Loveseat

Modway Engage Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Loveseat In Expectation Gray

This sofa right here is a great addition to your living room. If you have a good space in your living room, then this loveseat from Modway is the way to go. It has a great inner seat depth of 25-inch.

The base of this sofa is sturdy. It is made of solid wood coated with cherry for a sophisticated finish while the upholstery is made with polyester fabric.

Alisa Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

alisa mid century modern fabric loveseat

With its extra-tall backrest, the Alisa mid-century loveseat is a great option for upright sitting. Aside from that, given its decent seat depth of 21 inches, it’s a fairly good sofa for lounging as well, albeit probably not for taller individuals.

What also catches the eye in this sofa is the handcrafted details and the overall high quality of manufacturing. The abundance of straight lines also imparts restraint to this sofa and makes it a solid addition to modern interiors.

Vita Chesterfield Tufted Sofa

vita chesterfield tufted microfiber sofa with scroll arms

The Vita chesterfield tufted sofa looks fairly extravagant, but it’s not less comfortable than it is eye-catching. It’s 24 inches of seat depth provide plenty of room for lounging, while the sofa width comfortably accommodates 3 people, and it may even sit 4.

And with its curved armrests and deeply tufted back, the Vita Chesterfield sofa will most likely be a great choice for classic interiors.

Truda Mid-Century Modern Sofa

truda mid century modern microfiber sofa with button accents

The Truda sofa is a little less restrained than the Vita sofa, but it also has that vibe that will look especially good in mid-century interiors.

The seat depth here is a little shallower at 22.75 inches, so it probably will be a better option for shorter individuals. Furthermore, the Truda sofa has the same seat width but overall is around 12 inches narrower, which makes it a better purchase for smaller spaces.

Samantha 7-Seater Sectional Sofa

samantha 7 seater fabric tufted chesterfield sectional

This chesterfield sofa set by Samantha is a brilliant option if you have the space and the budget for it. With its 7 seating spots and 23 inches of depth, the Samantha sofa promises to deliver excellent lounging comfort.

Unlike the previously reviewed sectional sofas, this sofa set comes with just 3 pieces – a corner seat and two sofas intended to go the corner’s right and left. You are fairly limited with arrangement options with this sofa, but if you don’t really need a flexible sectional sofa, then Samantha’s offer may suffice.

Caroline 6-Seater Sectional Sofa

caroline 6 seater fabric tufted chesterfield sectional

This sectional sofa by Caroline is pretty much identical to the Samantha sofa with the exception of one thing – instead of two sofas, you are getting one sofa and one loveseat.

In terms of material, feel, and lounging comfort, the two sectional sofa sets are identical. With that said, if you have limited space in your living room, the Caroline set may be a better option thanks to its smaller footprint.

Jamorion Modern 3-Seater Sofa

 jamorion modern glam tufted velvet 3 seater sofa

This sofa is fairly similar to the Truda mid-century sofa reviewed a little earlier, but there are two key differences in this thing.

First of all, its straight leg design makes it a more suitable choice for modern interiors. Secondly, this sofa is overall 10 inches wider and has a 4 inches wider seating space. It’s a little bulky, but it’s got a bit more seating space.

The seat depth here is a little deeper as well, but not by much – 0.25 inches of difference will probably be unnoticed by most people.

Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Sofa with Tapered Legs

The Cove seat is pretty much identical to the Rivet Aiden seat except for firmness – the cushions here are a little on the softer side, so if you think that the Aiden will be too hard for you, then consider its sibling Cove.

Aside from the firmness, the seating comfort delivered by this sofa is identical to what the Aiden delivers. The same applies to the mid-century vibe of the sofa that should work with many interiors.

Furniture of America Canby Sectional Sofa

Furniture of America Canby Contemporary Sectional with Sleeper & Chaise, Ash Brown

The Canby sectional sofa offers a few smart solutions to deliver increased space efficiency. The chaise on the left side has some storage space inside, while the right side offers a pull-out hidden seat that may serve as foot support or be used as lounging or bedding space.

In terms of seat depth, this sectional sofa is solid as well, offering 23 inches of it. But you can make it even better for laying back with the hidden seat extended!

Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Sofa Black

Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Sofa Couch

Remember the Rivet Revolve sofa we’ve reviewed at the very beginning? Well, this is the exact same sofa, but it’s upholstered in leather!

Now, leather increases the price of this sofa quite a bit, but you are getting a more luxurious feel in exchange.

When it comes to seat depth and seating comfort, this Revolve is identical to the other one – it again has 24 inches of seat depth, a fairly relaxed seat, and a cushion that’s on the softer side.

Darionna Glam Button Tufted Fabric 3-seater Sofa

darionna glam button tufted fabric 3 seater sofa

The Darionna sofa has an inner depth of 23.50 inches making this in our list of deep seat sofa. Its light color is a great addition for light-themed interiors.

In terms of comfort, the Darionna sofa will probably be close to the Rivet Aiden. The firmness and seat lean in them are quite similar. The velvet surface is made with pure polyester that doesn’t irritate skin but is comfortable to sit in.

Rivet Damien Mid-Century Modern Loveseat

Rivet Damien Mid-Century Modern Channel-Backed Loveseat Sofa

The Rivet Damien sofa is again very similar to the River Aiden, but it’s got a very attractive mid-century design. It’s overall very restrained and modern-feeling, but the channeled back brings a vibe from the 50s or the 60s.

Comfort-wise, the Damien won’t be much different from the Aiden. Both have roughly 24 inches of seat depth and a more upright seat lean, but the cushioning will be a little softer in the Damien.

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Loveseat

Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Loveseat Sofa Couch

If you liked the Stone & Beam Bradbury chesterfield accent chair visually, then you will most likely like its loveseat variant as well.

What may be even better for you is that in terms of comfort, the Bradbury loveseat is no different from the chair (other than the seating space obviously). You are again getting roughly 24 inches of seat depth, a more upright lean, and a firmer seat cushion.

Stone & Beam Hillman Mid-Century Loveseat

Stone & Beam Hillman Mid-Century Loveseat with Tapered Legs and Removable Cushions

The Stone & Beam Hillman mid-century loveseat has a listed seat depth of 21 inches, but the shallowness of its depth can be deceptive.

Since the seat lean here is more relaxed and you can move the pillows around, the Hillman sofa should provide better lounging opportunities than it may seem. The cushioning in this loveseat is fairly soft as well, allowing for that sensation of sinking into the sofa.

Stone & Beam Charles Classic Sofa

Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather Sofa

Finally, we have the gorgeous Charles classic sofa by Stone & Beam that features an all-leather design executed in a classic style. Given that you have the budget for this piece of furniture, it’s going to add a little bit of luxury to your interior.

The comfort here promises to be great as well. You have a little shallower depth of 23 inches, but the soft cushioning combined with a fairly relaxed lean should allow for ultimate relaxation.

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