DIY Projects for Home Improvement That Only Require a Drill

Power Drills for Home Improvement DIYsWhen you usually think about DIY home projects, you might often imagine someone with a broad set of tools at their disposal. This is not necessarily the case, as we will show you down below. These projects only require one tool: a power drill. Unlike more complicated tasks, you can easily do these projects even if you’ve barely touched any tools in your life.

Customize your own wood doormat

Customized Wood DoormatMaking a wooden doormat is far more straightforward than it might seem initially. You can buy 2×2 wooden boards and then use a 5/16 or larger bit to drill holes in each piece. Make sure the holes are at equal length apart from one another. Once you’re done drilling, string a heavy piece of rope through each piece and tie off the ends.

Get creative with your coat rack

Wooden Coat RackAs with the previous project, you are going to need wood. You can order a custom-sized piece of wood at your local hardware store so that you don’t have to fiddle cutting it yourself. Other than that, you will only need some hooks from which to hang your clothes. Use a drill to install the wood piece on your wall, and then drill the hooks through the wood. It’s as simple as it gets.

Basic kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Cabinet If you want to remove old cabinets from your kitchen, you can do so by removing the old hardware and screws with your drill. You can then use the existing holes to drill the nuts or bolts that will hold your new kitchen cabinet in place. However, in the most desirable scenario, your new cabinet will cover up the old holes, and you will be free to drill new holes for the new cabinet. You might want to look at the top power drills in 2020 to make sure your cabinet stays in place.

Build your own candle holders

Candle Holder BoxLet’s say you’re the romantic type. Maybe you want to impress your spouse in a nonconventional way. With just a piece of wood and a spade bit or multi-angle drill bit, you can do just that. Drill an appropriate diameter hole inside a piece of wood so you can stick a candle inside of it. Optionally, for extra safety, you can place a small metal holder inside the hole, so the wood won’t burn once the candle becomes too short. Feel free to paint and decorate the wood as you please.

Make a custom plant holder

DIY Wooden Wall Planter

You’ll need five pieces of rectangular wooden boards, a circular piece of wood, and a handful of screws. Drill pilot holes on each corner of the end pieces. String them together in a circular shape and tie them with rope. Place them on the circular wooden board and drill them in place. You can align the interior with paper to make sure the soil won’t fall between the boards.

Design your own bookshelf

Simple BookshelfThis is another project that you can handle with only a drill. You’ll need an 8-foot 1×4 piece of wood and some screws. Go to your local hardware store and tell them to cut three 2.5 feet long sections and rip one piece in half. Put the two non-ripped pieces in an L-shape and drill them together. Now attach the trimmed pieces to create the lips on which your books will rest.

Final thoughts

Drills are highly versatile tools. They have completely changed the way we build stuff. And they’ve also made our lives a lot easier. Just by looking at the projects above, you probably already see how versatile this tool can get. Even if you’re not a pro, having a drill around your house is a must because you can get numerous things done with it.

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