The Definitive Guide to Furniture Types: Know Your Home Furniture

Furniture Types

When buying home furniture whether it’s for the living room or bedroom, you need a comprehensive guide on which one to choose. Actually, you won’t find it hard to look for the best furniture because of several options available in the market. You just need to decide what and where to buy.

Yet, since there are different types of furniture that you can find, the selection process won’t be that easy (trust me). I’m not an expert – it’s based on my experience. However, with a complete guide to furniture types, everything will surely come to place.

Get ready to learn fresh and helpful ideas as we give you a useful guide to furniture types for every room of your residential space. Check this out!

In the Living Room

Your living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house next to the kitchen. Thus, you need to inject a dose of comfort and incorporate a soothing style with your furniture. Also, make sure there’s enough seating to accommodate both the guests and especially the family. Here’s a glossary of living room furniture with both comfort and style.

If you need cheap furniture sets, read our list of 24 living room furniture sets.


Sofa couch

Compared to typical seating furniture, sofas are softer and more comfortable. Well, it’s more like a smaller version of your bed placed in the living room, designed for relaxation and entertainment. Below are types of sofa to choose from.

For a detailed guide, check out the different types of sofas.

Sleepers (Pull-Out/Futon Sofabeds)

Apparently, this sofa is designed for you to sleep on. It’s a chair and bed at the same time. You can adjust the back portion if you want to lean or sleep.


Sectional sofas are commonly available in L shape. They come in multiple parts allowing you to rearrange them in the shape you want.

Bench Seat

Single cushion with the same length as a whole sofa. A typical seating style that you see in the mall.


It’s the bottom part of the sofa where the cushions rest for seating. Commonly, they are upholstered in fabric in a neutral color (for loose-cushion models).


Well, the name itself says a lot about the style and appearance. The back part (specifically in the middle) looks exactly like a camel’s hump.

Pillow Back

A loose-cushion model wherein the pillows are not attached. They are simply put there for extra comfort.

Square Arm

Comes with a boxy look and typically cushioned. Square arm sofas are more modern and streamlined.


This time, the meaning would be totally different. Skirt is the section/additional fabric in the sofa extending from the deck to the floor. Your legs are actually covered once you seat on it.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag

Bean bag chair is a perfect furniture addition to your living room. It is usually a large cushion with outer layer made of fiber cloth. It is filled with beads, pellets or foam designed for comfort sitting.

Upholstered Chairs

Wooden Chair Design 4

Adding upholstered accent chairs in the living chair is a great idea for extra seating. You can opt for armchair or the typical type of chair. Upholstered chairs are smaller and portable making it easier for you to transfer from here to there. For wooden chair design ideas, check this one out.

Coffee/Beverage Tables

Coffee Table Small furniture to place any beverages served. You can place it anywhere in the living as the situation calls for. If you want cheap coffee tables, check this article out. If you want the best coffee table that will fit any interiors, find it here.

Side Tables

Side Tables

Designed for decorations and ornaments like photo frames and figurines. Actually, anything that fits its size will do. It comes with small cabinets or caskets below. Usually, they are made of wood.



With this, it’s like you have a mini library in your entertainment room. Look for a taller and sturdier one.

In the Dining Room

Now, let’s go the dining room. Finding the right set of dining furniture can be a lot easier since it’s usually smaller than the living room. Let’s see what types of furniture we have here.

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Of course, a dining room is not complete without dining chairs. Below are different kinds of dining chairs to choose from.

Side Chairs

Comes in armless style, they are designed to sit in along the side of the table. In casual dining rooms, they are found at the dining table’s head portion. You can have the seat upholstered or not.

Arm Chairs

For a formal feel, an armchair is the best option. Typically, they are made of metal, plastic or wood.

Upholstered and Non-Upholstered

You may choose from a wide array of upholstery style for your dining chair. Get the perfect fabric that’s easy to clean and really fits. Have a glam feel and clean look in your dining room while eating.


With its simple design, parsons chairs are suitable for almost all décor styles. They are typically upholstered in leather, tufted or patterned.

Dining Table

Dining Table

Typically comes in a single or more leg and a flat top, dining table is intended for seated people while eating meals. Depending on your choice, a dining table can be rounded, square, rectangular, oval, semi-circular and all other shapes available.

Other dining tables you can find are foldable allowing you to place it anywhere in the dining room. Different sizes, designs, and styles are available for purchase.

Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Usually, taller than a regular dining chair. Most of them are made of wood, metal or plastic. It is used for high tables in the kitchen or dining room.

Check out our best bar stools recommendations.



Designed for displays, you can purchase sideboards for the room. It adds accent and symmetry.

In the Bedroom

How your bedroom will look like depends on your choice of furniture and other decorations. Create your own style with this bedroom furniture available in sets and single purchase.



Bedroom cannot be a bedroom without bed. Bed makes up the room. Obviously it is where you sleep after a long day at work. And… the best place to sleep, we all agree to that.

Beds come in many sizes. The King size, Super King size, California King, California Queen size, Queen size, Olympic size, Single size, Twin XL size, Twin XXL size and Double size.


Typically a small closet with cabinets below. Armoires can be your wardrobe as well.

Bedroom Benches

Bedroom Benches

With a bigger space, you can opt for bedroom benches to add seating space. Your guests will be more comfortable with a bench inside.



Usually, it comes with a mirror on top. The lower portions are small vertical cabinets where you can place some of your personal things.


Chests of Drawers

They are much taller than dressers and armoires. You can put your lingerie, accessories and other tiny belongings you have.

In the Kitchen

Are you looking for kitchen furniture with modern and classic designs and styles? No worries, we have it here. The kitchen serves as a fundamental station in the house; hence, it should look furnished, alluring, clean and attractive. Check out these types of furnitures to dress your kitchen. If you like to see white kitchen designs, click here.

Sink and Wall Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

Organize your kitchen items such as sink cleaner, sink repair tools, etc., with this furniture.

Baker’s Rack

Baker's Rack

Baking can be more exciting with a bakers rack. Good as baking tools and baking equipment organizer.

Kitchen Carts

No more messy food on the floor with kitchen carts. Bring your food anywhere you want with ease.



Have all your cooking items and ingredients in one place with a pantry. It’s like a small cabinet designed for food storage. Usually, divided into columns with one or two opening doors.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen cabinet is a multipurpose cabinet that can serve as both storage and organizer. Depending on the space available, you can put most of your kitchen items there if you want.

In the Office

Whether you’re working from home or somewhere, you need to ensure that your office is a conducive place to work. To create a productive environment in your working space, here are some must-have furniture office items.


Office Desk

Get a desk that you’re compatible working with. It comes with drawers for some of your office stuff.


Book Shelf

Comes in a flat horizontal plane, a shelf acts as a storage for your books and other reading materials in the office. It is held up by either pillars or columns. You can have it attached to the wall or in a vertical surface.

Storage Cabinets

Rectangular structure subdivided into smaller drawers or compartments for storage. If you plan on bringing some of your things in the office, you can drop them all in the cabinet.

Office Chair

Office Chairs

Side chair, rounded or the typical office chair will do. Pick the one that you’re most comfortable with for long sitting hours.

Minimalistic homeowners would opt for the best home furniture combining class, quality, and style. Everything you need to know about types of furniture is right here! Choose from all types of furniture suitable to your residential needs.

Make the most of your investment for your home improvement projects with this guide.  Start your journey in finding the best home furniture today!


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