40 Creative Scroll Saw Projects for Newbies and Pros + Free Patterns

Creative Scroll Saw ProjectsWoodworking is definitely a fun thing to do, not to mention the fact that it is a great skill to have. Scroll saw projects, in particular, are among the most satisfying woodworking projects out there. Not only is this machine inexpensive, but it can also prove very useful. And while the overall work could appear quite complex, you will appreciate how simple the technique used is.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the many projects you can do with scroll saw. Make sure to keep them in mind!

Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle

Wooden Toy Volkswagen Beetle

See guide | Photo: Jolien Brebels

I, for one, am a huge fan of the iconic and ever-classic vehicle model of all time. So, why not give it a try and use your scroll saw to create a 2nd-generation beetle, one that was known between the 1950s and 1960s. Believe me, it is quite satisfying to make.

Scrolly Scalloped Mirror

Scalloped Scrolly Mirror

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: Bethany Sy

Do you want to give your home a brand new centerpiece? If so, then you can never go wrong with this one. Not only is scroll mirror easy and simple to create, but it is also an exciting one to go over!

DIY Botanical Leaf Trivets


See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: Bethany Sy

All you need is a cutting board and scroll saw – voila, you are good to go. You can use some cheap bamboo cutting boards and create your botanical trivets from there. You can run your imagination here and design the leaves according to what you think is cool and hip!

The Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Puzzle Patterns

Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

You do not have to be a master of the art, especially since this one right here is quite easy to make. It is the perfect display to wow your guests and family. To give your project an upgrade, trying to buy and use some cheap acrylic paint pots. And, oh, do not forget to prime the wood for better results!

Wood Cross

Wood Cross

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

Do not just create a wood cross – make one with some interesting patterns! Your goal here is to incorporate a stunning scrolls pattern. The piece can be displayed in your living room or anywhere in your home actually.

Butcherblock Silverware Trivet

Butcherblock Silverware Trivet

See guide | Photo: Bethany Sy

This masterpiece is the perfect gift for your friends and/or loved ones. While this is one of the trickiest scrolls saw projects to make, it can be a fun activity to go over with. Plus, you will get to enjoy the unique designs it offers!

Wooden Name Plaques

Wooden Arrow Name Plaques

See guide | Photo: Bethany Sy

Do you want to give your kid’s room a nice upgrade? Well, look no further than these wooden name plaques. You can even make one for the rest of the family and display it in your living. It is a great feature to have and one that will definitely catch the attention of your guests.

Layered Cross

Layered Cross - Inspirational Scroll Saw Pattern

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

Actually, this is not just a layered cross – it also comes with a very interesting, smoothed design. It offers you a minimalist visual which could work great in any area of your home. You can even create mini versions, so you can wear them on your neck. It is totally up to you!

Wooden Topography Map

Wooden Topography Art Tutorial

See guide | Photo: Bethany Sy

This one right here is more of an art, which you can personalized or customized based on what you want. You can choose it to be topography or even a structure of your property. Either way is fine!

Stunning Fretwork Crosses

Ornate Fretwork Cross

Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

If you do not like the aforementioned crosses, perhaps you can go with a vintage one. This one right here recalls eras from the past, but is designed in a way it embraces any modern setting. You can use it as a permanent décor or a gift to someone for a birthday or special event.

Circle Monogram Pallet Sign

Circle Monogram Pallet Sign

See guide | Photo: Bethany Sy

Do you wish to introduce a patio or porch? Do you want to make the set-up more elaborate and pleasing to the eye? Well, why not start by creating a round monogram pallet sign? This can even be a superb gift to someone you truly appreciate!

Labeled Cross

Faith, Hope and Love Crosses

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

Your goal here is to make it more cheerful-looking compared to the traditional version. You can start by cutting out relevant labels, but ensure you do it in a lively font – something that you are going to apply throughout. You might also want to keep in mind of the many shades of stains and woods, all of which you can use to your advantage.

Cut-Out Butterfly Clock

Butterfly Silhouette Clock

See guide | Photo: realitydaydream.com

The idea here is to create a butterfly clock where butterflies seem to soar out of it. And mind you, what you are about to create here is more artistic than the ones you often see out there. Besides, creating this one is also cheaper and more satisfying to do.

Concentric Ring Basket

Wooden Basket From A Single Board

See guide | Photo: thekimsixfix.com

This wooden basket comes up with one of the most stunning weaving patterns out there, giving you a great chic tropical concept. It is a nice way to display your fruits and even vegetables. It is a fun way to make any space livelier!

Picnic Basket Patterns

Scroll Saw Project Three Baskets

Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com

You can always make a classic picnic basket using your scroll saw and wood. You will love the idea of using wood simply because the result is a lot stronger and harder. Make sure to use a finish that is actually safe and good for food, though.

Barn Board Plaque

Bracket-shaped Barn Board Sign

See guide | Photo: realitydaydream.com

Another interesting plaque to create for your home, this one is more of creating a barn board with a bracket shape. This one is also perfect as a gift to weddings and any other special events or occasions. I really recommend that you put an exemplary finish to make the overall look more aesthetically appealing.

Wood State Plaques

United States Or Country Plaque

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: realitydaydream.com

Another wooden plaque that you can create using your go-to scroll saw. Of course, you have to pick your own state here, which can be Florida, New York, or anything you want to move forward with. It does not matter as long as you put some excellent curves.

Woven Picnic Basket

It is time to create a picnic basket that offers a stimulating design, particularly one that weaves incredibly. Make sure you utilize more contrasting wood stains, so you protrude the basket and, thus, emphasize its top borders and bottoms.

The Mother’s Day Plaque

Mother’s Day Plaque

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: realitydaydream.com

Actually, you do not have to wait for Mother’s Day in order to create this one. You can also come up with this project and give it to your mom. Show her your appreciation by using your scroll saw to put this project into reality!

Kid’s Profile Plaque

Cutout Silhouette Plaques

See guide | Photo: realitydaydream.com

It is as simple as using your kid’s profile to create a wooden plaque. It is a fun way to give your kids something to check every now and then. Trust me, your kids will definitely love it!

Wooden Christmas Tree

Another interesting project to create and it does not have to be the holiday season to create this one. It is all about creating the smallest version of your Christmas tree and using it as a decoration in your home. You can also punch holes on top of the tree, so you can hang it anywhere you want.

Christmas-Themed Ribbons

Christmas-Themed Ribbons

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

If you want to make sure your Christmas experience is top-notch, you can start creating these ribbons now. They can be a great ornamental piece to your home, making it an ideal fit to embrace the yuletide spirit.

Ornate Corbels

Corbels For A Breakfast Bar

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: realitydaydream.com

Oh, yes, you can always use your scrolls saw to create ornate corbels. While this one can be time-consuming, the effort you will invest is totally worth it. Put out your creativity and make the project personalized!

Christmas Greetings Display

Christmas Greetings Display Decor

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

You can be as creative as you can be here. For instance, you can reverse all cutouts so you can come up with a lot of ornaments meant for your Christmas tree. This project is actually beginner-friendly, so it is good way to start if you are new to using scroll saw.

The “House Divided” Sign

'House Divided' Broken Bracket Sign

See guide | Photo: realitydaydream.com

This one right here is without a doubt a great feature to add to your home. But to make the overall design more captivating, try to create one that seems to be broken. Use those steady hands in creating this project!

Dove Patterns

Dove Ornaments DIY

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

Actually, what you will be creating are dove patterns with ribbons on them. It is a perfect gift for someone who is fighting cancer. Do not just raise awareness but you can also show them your support!

Wooden Paper Doll

DIY Wooden Paper Doll

See guide | Photo: realitydaydream.com

If you have girls, then they will surely like these. And they will surely appreciate the idea of playing wooden dolls. You can also create a bunch of clothing to match your wooden paper dolls.

Wooden Monogram Wreath

Fall-themed Monogram Wreaths

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: Bethany Sy

Of course, there is always the possibility of creating wreaths based on a variety of themes and/or seasons. It can be a nod to summer, winter, fall, or anything you think is cool. Just make sure to create it as in-depth as you can.

Monogrammed Circular Designs

Scroll-Friendly Monogram Patterns

Download Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

Another monogram-themed project that you can use in your home, this one right here is perfect for your kid’s rooms or living room. You can even create letters based on the first letter of your kid’s first name.

Fun Puzzle Names

Oh, yes, puzzle names can be quite difficult to make, especially since they’re quite personalized. There is no need to worry, though, as the project comes with detailed instructions to help you nail it. The scroll saw craft features an exciting puzzle design that would definitely make anyone jealous.

DIY Wooden Heart Keychains

DIY Keychains made from Wooden Hearts

See guide | Photo: cherishedbliss.com

Who needs to buy keychains when you can actually create them, right? You can use this as a staple to every bag you have. It is the simplest way to customize your backpacks – and all you need is your scroll saw!

MiniPlane With Clock

Small Plane Mini Clock Pattern

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

If you love airplanes, or you know someone who does, then this is the perfect project to have. It is, in fact, one of the best personalized gifts out there. Even more so, it is easy and super budget-friendly to make!

Floral and Peppy

Scroll Saw Name Plaques

See guide | Photo: jaimecostiglio.com

Thanks to this project’s 3D cutouts, the outcome has a lively and vibrant quality. And mind you, it can really look stunning especially at first glance. You can add as many cutouts as you want. Just make sure it is consistent with your kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Mini Windmill with a Clock

Castle and Dutch Windmill Mini Clock PatternsDownload Pattern | Photo:fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

Ever wondered how pleasing it is to have a vintage Dutch windmill in your room or living area? Well, this is the perfect project to help you do just that. It is easy to follow, thanks to its detailed instructions.

Family Room Sign

Family Room Sign

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: dreamingindiy.com

If you like to add curves and swirls in your family room, then you can go with this project. It is also a functional décor piece that will surely give beauty to the area. Give it a check now!

Victorian Bird Feeder

Victorian BirdfeederDownload Pattern | Photo: scrollsawer.com

This relatively easy project will make your neighbors envy. But if you want to bring things to a whole new level, you can definitely go with a higher level concept and run your creativity. You will certainly love the outcome.

3D Wooden Sign

3D Carved Wooden Sign

See guide | Photo: homefixated.com

Why settle for a simple wooden sign when you can create it in 3D? This one right here, though, involves a sophisticated process, although it is quite easy to follow. Give it a try and you will certainly create more.

Broken Heart Candle Holder

Do you love to express your feelings? Of course, you do – and this broken heart candle holder is the perfect project to follow. It is the most thoughtful way of expressing what you currently feel.

Wooden Nativity

DIY Wooden Nativity

See guide | Download Pattern | Photo: realitydaydream.com

Not only can this be a holiday home décor, but this wooden nativity can also be a great puzzle piece for your kids. You can just follow the free scroll patter in there and you should be good to go. It is very straightforward and you should be able to follow it accordingly.

Oregon State Shaped Puzzle

Oregon State Puzzle Pattern

Download Pattern | Photo: fssp-arpop.blogspot.com

This one is perfect for all Oregonians out there, thanks to this project’s puzzling pattern. You can hang this next to your state flag at home, making it a perfect decoration to have. Make sure to paint it with an extra hint of hue.

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