10 Sustainable Furniture You Can Buy to Help Save Mother Nature

Sustainable Furniture Eco-FriendlyIf you are environmentally conscious, then switching to sustainable furniture is an excellent decision. It’s no less convenient than non-eco-friendly furniture yet allows you to noticeably contribute to nature-sustaining efforts. With that, if you are shopping for eco-friendly furniture, let us introduce you to a few remarkable options.

What is Sustainable Furniture?

Recycled WoodFurniture can be considered sustainable if it meets the following criteria:

  • It has been made from reclaimed, recycled, or repurposed materials such as trees died from natural disasters.
  • It has been made from easily renewable material – most importantly, wood.
  • Its manufacturing has been environmentally-friendly and low-emission. Makers of sustainable furniture should practice fair trade and not harm or destroy the natural environment. Perhaps the most eco-friendly style of furniture manufacturing is handcrafting.
  • It has been transported efficiently without using up excessive space and energy. In fact, ideally, eco-friendly will be manufactured locally.
  • It’s highly durable. This will allow the furniture to serve longer, thus preventing landfills from becoming overburdened.
  • It is multifunctional. Furniture as such takes fewer resources to produce than several pieces of furniture serving distinct purposes.

10 Sustainable Furniture You Can Buy Right Now

Alithea Handcrafted Boho Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

Great Deal Furniture Iris Handcrafted Boho Reclaimed Wood TV Stand, Natural and Black

Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, this TV stand from Alithea offers all the conveniences you’d get from a non-sustainable piece of furniture. It features 3 drawers for storage along with a cable management hole to allow you to seamlessly connect the TV to game consoles or a DVD/Blu-ray player.

Predominantly made from wood, this TV stand also features metal elements for durability and an added modern touch.

Ehren Handcrafted Boho Reclaimed Wood End Table

Ehren Handcrafted Boho Reclaimed Wood Storage End Table

The Ehren storage end table has an eye-catching finish that gives off a forest-y or jungle-y vibe. With that, we think that this end table will fit plant-rich interiors fabulously.

This reclaimed wood end table has a distressed finish as well to deliver a more rustic vibe to the interior. It’s also handcrafted and is as eco-friendly as furniture can get manufacturing-wise.

Sandy Shabby Reclaimed Wood Wine Cabinet

Sandy Wooden Bar Cabinet, Distressed Paint

The Sandy Shabby reclaimed wood wine cabinet is a perfect buy for wine connoisseurs (and connoisseurs of other alcoholic beverages for that matter).

This wine cabinet isn’t only handcrafted and eco-friendly but also highly functional and convenient. The top compartment provides you with bottle racks and a glass hanger, while the cabinet at the bottom offers storage space for non-wine accessories.

Niel Recycled Wood Cabinet

Niel Recycled Wood Cabinet

The Neil wood cabinet gives off a similar vibe to the Ehren wood end table. It likewise should be a perfect fit near indoor plants. But as a full-blooded cabinet, this piece of furniture will have more storage space to offer.

In terms of materials, this cabinet is handmade from recycled mango wood that boasts a heavily distressed finish.

Nancy Distressed End Table

Nancy Distressed End Table, Distressed Paint

This end table from Nancy offers a more traditional look compared to the Ehren end table, so it should fit a wider variety of interiors. Its footprint is smaller as well – great for space-limited rooms.

Though the styling is different, the Nancy end table is made in a fashion similar to the Ehren table – it’s handcrafted from recycled wood and offers a distressed look.

Christopher Knight Home Alanis Firwood Barstool

 Christopher Knight Home Alanis Firwood Barstool

Want to add some sleekness to your kitchen? This pair of industrial-modern bar stools from Christopher Knight may be the right choice for you.

Aside from being made of firwood, these bar stools offer a few conveniences. Namely, they swivel and have adjustable height – just like in a regular bar stool.

Dorian Reclaimed Oak Chair

Dorian Chair in Grey Linen w/Reclaimed Oak

The Dorian reclaimed oak chair seems like a nice option for more classical, traditional interiors. It’s made in China and perhaps is not as eco-friendly as other pieces of furniture on our list, but it’s still made from reclaimed wood.

Note that this chair is no longer in production and has limited stock on Hansen Wholesale. So if you like it, don’t think for too long!

Round Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Round Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

This round coffee table from All Barnwood is made from real and natural barnwood. It has a hexagonal base that makes it stable. You can put this in your rustic interior if you have one. I’m sure it’ll blend well.

Custom Reclaimed Barn Wood Towel Rack

Custom Reclaimed Barn Wood Towel Rack 4 Hooks 37.5 inches, Rustic Barnwood Beach Cottage Wall Mounted Towel Hook Rack. Decorative Wooden Multi Bath hanger, Bathroom sets. Country Farmhouse

Another furniture that is made from barnwood, this wall-mounted towel holder brings natural vibes in your home especially in bathroom or other parts you want it mounted. The hooks are made with cast iron which is particularly sturdy. They sure can hold big towels.

Rivet Industrial Round Dining Kitchen Table

Rivet Industrial Wood and Metal Round Dining Kitchen Table

Finally, consider this industrial-style kitchen table. The Rivet kitchen table features a recycled elm wood tabletop along with a black-coated iron base for a distinct, raw look.

This round table is not only eye-catching but rather convenient thanks to the adjustable tabletop height. It also requires little to no assembly and may be used right out of the box.

Closing Thoughts

Wood is not easy to get especially hardwood for furniture making. It takes time to grow a tree. And to produce a beautiful wood furniture, the raw material should be sturdy and durable.

However, cutting trees is not the only solution to get the desired wood for furniture. You can recycle and repurpose wood to make a beautiful furniture. Also, trees that died in natural disaster can make a good wood for furniture.

In this way, you can  help mother nature sustain its magnificent beauty and to help prevent climate change.

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