40 Unfinished Wood Furniture You Can Paint, Stain or Varnish

Unfinished Wood FurnitureUnfinished wood furniture is brilliant in that it can be adapted to pretty much any home style. If you have the skills and tools to turn unfinished furniture into an integral part of your interior, then our unfinished wooden furniture suggestions may interest you.

40 Natural Unfinished Wood Furniture You Can Paint, Stain or Varnish Later On

International Concepts Hampton Coffee Table

 International Concepts Hampton Square Coffee Table, Unfinished

This Hampton table offers nothing fancy and is a traditional coffee table. Its tabletop is sized at an ample 36 x 36 inches, and you are also getting some shelf space. The X side cutouts impart a rustic vibe to the Hampton coffee table as well. The Hampton coffee table is a great unfinished wood furniture to paint, stain varnish or remain as is.

Vista Round Coffee Table

International Concepts Vista Round Coffee Table

A round coffee table like Vista would likely serve as a fine centerpiece for your interior as you can easily orient other furniture around it. Vista also has a more traditional vibe than Hampton, so it will better suit more classical interiors.

Phillips Oval Coffee Table

International Concepts Phillips Oval Coffee Table, Unfinished

The Phillips oval coffee table can also be the highlight of the room, but unlike Vista, it’s going to suit more rectangular furniture layouts. Plus, Phillips has a drawer instead of a shelf, which may be more practical for some people.

Bombay Coffee Table

International Concepts Bombay Tall Coffee Table, Unfinished

The Bombay coffee table has a unique feature – its tabletop can be brought 10 inches up and out towards you for easier access to drinks or your laptop. And, of course, like traditional coffee tables, Bombay boasts a bottom shelf for added storage space.

Hampton Console/Sofa Table

 International Concepts Hampton Console or Sofa Table Unfinished

A sofa table/console like this one can excellently complete the look of your space. Additionally, it will provide space for decorative items on its 3 shelves. This sofa table will also pair wonderfully with the Hampton coffee table reviewed earlier since it’s from the same line.

Shaker Console Table

 International Concepts Unfinished Shaker Extended Length Console Table

This shaker console table won’t complement sofas like the Hampton console/sofa table – instead, it will fit nicely against walls, though it again has space for decorative objects. For filling empty walls, a console table like the Shaker is a fine choice.

Mission Sofa Table

International Concepts Mission Sofa Table, Unfinished

Performing the same function as the Hampton sofa table, the Mission sofa table has a different vibe due to the slatted sides. If your interior has a lot of similar details, then this piece of furniture will fit it better than the Hampton table.

Mission Styled Server and Console Table

International Concepts Mission Styled Server and Console Table, Unfinished

Offering the same style as the Mission sofa table, this server & console table will offer added convenience thanks to its 2 drawers. This piece of furniture thus not only has aesthetic value but is also highly practical.

OT014 Accent Table

International Concepts OT041 Accent Table, Unfinished

The OT014 accent table is cheap and very simplistic yet can complement any room, though it will probably be the most popular with bedrooms. Thanks to its simplicity, this accent table will likely combine well with your existing furniture or with many other pieces of furniture from this list.

Hampton Accent Table

International Concepts Hampton Accent Table with Shelves

The Hampton accent table can again work in many interiors, but it will pair especially well with other models from the Hampton line. Its two bottom shelves will provide added storage space as well.

Keystone Accent Table

International Concepts Unfinished Keystone Accent Table

The Keystone accent table won’t fit every interior, in our opinion. Not only that, but it may not pair well with most other International Concepts furniture on this top. However, if angles are the primary motifs of your interior, then Keystone will pair with it wonderfully.

Round Accent Table

 International Concepts Accent Table, Unfinished

This round accent table boasts a drawer to help you keep essential items out of view. Not only that, but with its minimalist rounded design, it will neatly fit virtually any interior (though it’ll look the best with other similar-design pieces of furniture).

5-Drawer Dresser BD-8005

 International Concepts BD-8005 Dresser, Unfinished

This 5-drawer dresser by International Concepts is made of Parawood, a type of hardwood. It is very easy to finish as the surface is sanded. Each drawer has a euroglide making it easier to pull and push.

3-Drawer Chest

International Concepts Chest with 3 Drawers, Unfinished

The 3-drawer chest is performed in the same style as the 5-drawer, making it a small brother. However, this 3-drawer chest is a great furniture if you are a minimalist like me.

International Concepts 6-Drawer Dresser

International Concepts Dresser with 6 Drawers, Unfinished

The International Concepts 6-drawer dresser offers double the storage space of the previous 3-drawer chest. It likewise requires twice as much floor area, but if you have considerable floor and wall space to fill, then this dresser should be a nice choice.

International Concepts TV Stand

International Concepts TV Stand with 2 Doors, 1 Shelf and 2 Cabinets

This TV stand from International Concepts offers impressive organizational capabilities thanks to its shelves galore (7, to be exact). The wall behind the center two shelves also has cable management holes, allowing you to set up your playback devices in a neater and less intrusive manner.

Franklin Entertainment Center

International Concepts Unfinished Franklin Entertainment Center, Unfinished

The Franklin entertainment center also offers ample cabinet space, but it’s a little bit differently organized than in the TV stand reviewed previously. You are getting fewer shelves, but each of them offers more headroom, which will come in handy for the storage of larger items like books or disc boxes.

72-inch Entertainment TV Stand

 International Concepts Unfinished Entertainment/TV Stand, 72-Inch, Unfinished

This entertainment/TV stand is a perfect choice for those who have a lot of devices to connect to their TV. You are getting three shelves dedicated to game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, or whatnot, and each shelf allows for easy cable management thanks to the cable holes in the back.

International Concepts Mission Corner TV Stand

International Concepts Mission Corner TV Stand, Unfinished

The Mission corner TV stand boasts many of the benefits of the previous TV stands but in a more compact package. If you have limited space and/or want your TV in the corner of the room, the Mission corner stand should work perfectly.

Double Jelly Cupboard

International Concepts Double Jelly Cupboard, 51-Inch, Unfinished

The Double Jelly cupboard offers ample space for dishware along with impressive organizational capabilities thanks to the 3 shelves. The top and bottom shelves are removable and adjustable as well, allowing for added convenience for larger items.

Single Jelly Cabinet

 International Concepts Single Jelly Cabinet, 51-Inch, Unfinished

About half the size of the Double Jelly, the Single Jelly cabinet is a nice option if your space is limited. However, it retains the 3-shelf design of Double Jelly along with the adjustable top and bottom shelves.

Although Single Jelly isn’t marketed as a cupboard, it will be able to work as such.

International Concepts 3-Drawer Nightstand

International Concepts Nightstand with 3 Drawers, Standard

The International Concepts 3-drawer nightstand offers nothing fancy and should thus be an excellent choice for many bedrooms. This nightstand is also compact yet offers decent storage capabilities thanks to its 3 drawers.

1-Drawer Nightstand

 International Concepts Night Stand with One Drawer, Unfinished

This 1-drawer nightstand is similar to the previous 3-drawer nightstand in style but rather different in function and storage. It’s just got a single drawer and a roomy shelf space beneath – if you want to keep larger items in your nightstand, then this single-drawer model may be an ideal option for you.

International Concepts Mission 36-Inch Plant Stand

International Concepts 3069 Plant Stand, 36

The International Concepts 36-inch plant stand boasts the familiar design of the Mission furniture line, so it will pair nicely with other items from it. What’s also great about this plant stand is that it has two shelves with plenty of room for plants or decorative items.

OT-601 Round Plant Table

International Concepts OT-601 Round Plant Table, Unfinished

The OT-601 plant table is perhaps less practical than the Mission plant stand due to the lack of space, but it’s still a beautiful piece to have in the room. In fact, with its 16 x 16-inch tabletop, this table has more room for plants than the Mission stand (whose tabletop is 12 x 12 inches).

Java Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

International Concepts Java Butterfly Leaf Dining Table, Unfinished

If you want plenty of dining space but don’t have the room for it, then the Java butterfly leaf dining table is likely to be a good option. It won’t occupy much space while you don’t need it but can be expanded to provide dining room for your guests when required.

Tuscany Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

International Concepts Tuscany Butterfly Leaf Dining Table

The Tuscany butterfly leaf dining table is sized exactly as the Java table, so it offers comparable space efficiency. What differs between the two tables is design – Tuscany has angled corners and will be a better suit for rooms that already have similar motifs.

International Concepts Solid Wood Top Dining Table

 International Concepts Solid Wood Top Dining table, 30 x 48, Unfinished

This is a standard dining table with a minimalist design that will fit many interiors. Plus, this table offers a larger dining surface than Java and Tuscany, so it’s a better choice if space isn’t an issue for you.

Double X Back Chair 2-Set

International Concepts Double X Back Chairs, Unfinished, Set of 2

The International Concepts Double X Back chairs offer a similar vibe to Hampton-series furniture. We wouldn’t say that we are big fans of the design of this chair model, but we are sure that it will fit nicely with many interiors, which is why we included it in our top.

Café Chair 2-Set

 International Concepts Pair of Cafe Chairs, Unfinished

If you want standard chairs for your interior, then you probably won’t find anything simpler than this café chair 2-set. This chair model offers traditional aesthetics that should work well with most interiors no matter their style.

Maine Ladderback Chair 2-Set

 International Concepts Maine Ladderback Chairs, Set of 2

The stylish ladderback is the highlight of this chair, though it also owes much of its classiness to the elegant legs. Maine ladderback chairs undoubtedly are a perfect addition to interiors abundant in traditional motifs.

Round Top Stool

International Concepts 30-Inch Round Top Stool, Unfinished

29 inches high, this round top stool can easily serve as a bar stool. In fact, thanks to its extremely simple and even unremarkable design, you should be able to adapt this stool to any interior style.

Versailles Counter-Height Stool

International Concepts Unfinished Versailles Counter Height Stool, 24-Inch, Brown

If the Maine ladderback chair wasn’t classy enough for you, then the Versailles counter-height stool may be a much better choice. As a 24-inch counter-height stool, Versailles isn’t a perfect alternative to Maine, but if you care more about aesthetics than practicality, then look no further.

Saddle Seat Stool

International Concepts 29-Inch Saddle Seat Stool, Unfinished

29 inches tall like the round top stool reviewed earlier, this saddle seat stool will again work well with bars. The seat in this stool is a little smaller than in the round stool, but its saddle-style seat will offer increased comfort.

International Concepts Farmhouse Bench

International Concepts Farmhouse Bench, Unfinished

If you like rustic farmhouse motifs, then consider purchasing this farmhouse bench. Its design looks a little bit too perfect for a farmhouse, but since it’s unfinished, you can create a weathered feel yourself for a more rustic appearance.

Trestle Bench KBE-72

International Concepts KBE-72 Bench, Unfinished

If you have a trestle table inside or in your backyard, then the International Concepts trestle bench might be able to combine with it very nicely. This table’s design is simple enough to fit many other furniture styles, so it’s likely to work with what you already own.

Shaker-Style Bench

 International Concepts Shaker Style Bench, Unfinished

For owners of Shaker-style furniture, this bench may be a fine addition to the interior. Not only that, but since Shaker furniture is generally very minimalistic, this bench will work with many other furniture styles as well.

Honey-Can-Do 2-Tier Natural Wood Shoe Rack

 Honey-Can-Do SHO-02151 2-Tier Unfinished Natural Wood Shoe Rack

This pinewood shoe rack from Honey-Can-Do is extremely inexpensive yet offers solid build quality and craftsmanship. And interestingly, this shoe rack model is stackable, so you could buy a few of them and save space by placing them on top of each other.

Shaker Bookcase

 International Concepts SH-3227A Bookcase, 72-Inch, Unfinished

This shaker bookcase is not only simple in design but also excellent in function – it has 3 adjustable shelves and a total of 5 shelves. The 10.52-inch distance between the shelves should be enough for large books and perhaps even decorative items.

4-Tier Bookcase

International Concepts 4-Tier X-Sided Bookcase, Unfinished

Finally, consider this X-sided 4-tier bookcase from International Concepts. This bookcase gives off the same vibe as Hampton furniture, so it will pair excellently with it. Having no backs, this bookcase also won’t obstruct the view of the wall behind it, which may be a desirable feature for some buyers.

What’s Next?

Now you probably have the unfinished wood furniture bought or have in mind to purchase in the future. Now, what should you do next?

The answer to that question depends on you. You have four options: Paint, Stain, Varnish or let its natural beauty remain.

So which one is it? I prefer to stay the furniture as is.

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