WEN 3920 Scroll Saw Review: A Value for Money for Novice Hobbyists

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw
WEN 3920 – The Best Choice for Novice Woodworkers and Hobbyists

A scroll saw is the ideal tool to cut intricate designs into wood or plastic. The machine works by powering a thin, short blade at high-speed, allowing the woodworker to navigate tight corners and maintain accuracy during freehand cutting.

As a novice woodworker, a scroll saw is an essential part of your workshop tooling. Due to its affordability and user-friendly operation, the WEN 3920 scroll saw is an attractive option for beginners. Is it worth it to invest your hard-earned money in this piece of machinery? We reviewed Wen 3920 to help you decide if it’s a machine that suits your carpentry skills and your budget.

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Quick Look

  • 120-volt, 1.2-amp motor.
  • Variable speed control between 400 to 1600 strokes per minute.
  • 16 x 11-inch folded steel table bevels up to 45 degrees to the left.
  • Accepts blades in opposite directions, standard and 90 degrees.
  • Cuts materials up to 2-inches thick.
  • 16-inch throat depth.
  • Cast iron base, flexible light, dust port, air pump, foot lock function, as well as onboard storage.

Reviewing the WEN 3920 Scroll Saw – Defining the Criteria

What do you need to look for in a scroll saw? How do you know if the WEN 3920 is the right model for your level of carpentry skill? We review this scroll saw against four criteria to determine its operational performance.


WEN 3920 Design

Founded in 1951, WEN established itself as a top manufacturer of high-quality, affordable tooling and equipment for carpenters and artisans. The WEN 3920 scroll saw continues this company’s legacy, offering a machine that features practical design emphasizing user-friendly functionality.

The saw has a tilting table surface that bevels 45-degrees to the left, locking in place at your desired setting. Use the foot clamp to secure the largest workpieces on the broad, folded steel work surface. The saw accepts both pinned and pin-less blades into the cutting head and onboard storage for spare blades.

Keep a clear line of sight during your cut with the air pump and sawdust blower and flexible LED work light. The stable cast-iron base prevents limits vibration during operation and prevents the machine from “walking.”


The WEN 3920 is versatile enough to cut through wood and plastic up to 2-inches thick. The machine may be a bit underpowered for cutting steel, so we recommend that you select another saw if you frequently find yourself undertaking projects with this material medium. However, the WEN 3920 is sufficiently powered to cut through all grades of wood without any blade bend or slippage.


As you power up the tool and begin your first cut, you’ll notice that the saw doesn’t feel underpowered at all. The 1.2-amp motor delivers a clean, precise cut with the machine doing the work. Scroll saws are known for chatter feedback through the cutting arm, but the cast iron base provides sturdy support and ample vibration dampening.

The 9/16-inch stroke is capable of sawing through hardwoods like oak up to two inches thick. Turn up the power by adjusting the variable speed control from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute by turning the knob clockwise. It’s easy to set up the beveled work table to any angle up to 45 degrees and lock it in place with the foot clamp.

While using the saw we experienced no pick-up in the blade, even when running the saw at lower speeds on more robust woods and plastics. Overall, the machine provides a clean, efficient, and accurate operating ordeal and we found that the motor didn’t heat up even with continuous operation for more than 15 minutes under loaded conditions.

Value for Money

Authorized online retailers ship your scroll saw directly to your door. Inside the box, you can expect to find;

  • WEN Scroll saw.
  • Blade wrench and three spare blades.
  • Warranty card and user manual.

The WEN 3920 is the ideal scroll saw for novice carpenters that need an affordable machine for their workshop. This model features many of the advanced features found in machines that cost over three or four times the price.

WEN sweetens the deal by issuing a 2-year warranty on the tool and offers nationwide support for its customers with a network of qualified, experienced, and friendly service staff.


  • Functionality – Variable speed control with a beveled table.
  • Durability – Constructed with quality components designed to last.
  • Stability – Solid base that you can bolt to a workbench.
  • Operation – Dual blade system and accurate cutting.
  • Price – Very affordable.


  • The underpowered motor doesn’t cope with cutting steel.
  • Could use a dedicated stand as an optional extra.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market to purchase your first scroll saw to add to your workshop, the WEN 3920 is a machine worth considering. The saw is available online from authorized resellers and shipped to your location, ready to plug-and-play. It’s the ideal machine for woodworkers looking to create their first jigsaw puzzle or cut a sophisticated design.

Enjoy accurate cuts and user-friendly operation. While the unit lacks the power of other machines, you just can’t beat the price and functionality of this saw when compared with other similar products from other manufacturers.

Comparing the Competition – Shop Fox W1713 vs. Dremel MS20-01 vs. WEN 3920

These three machines each have clear differences in their operative capabilities and functionality. The Shop Fox W1713 is seen as a step-up model from the WEN scroll saw. It features a higher speed function than the WEN with a 1/8 horsepower motor designed to cut through wood, plastic, and steel.

The design of the Dremel MS20-01 suits woodworking professionals that need a compact, and portable scroll saw to move between job sites without any hassle.

The Dremel comes with a hand-held trigger function as well as a fixture system that allows you to bolt it to a workbench for improved control. You can cut wood, plastics, and metal with the Dremel and the detachable coping system lets you take the machine to the work. Auto-tensioning quick-change function allows you to swap blades without the need to adjust the blade tension before a restart.

The Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw comes with a unique gooseneck light and the ability to connect to a 110-volt power source. The tilting table gives you the ability to cut at angles up to 45-degrees as well.

Overall, the Fox and the WEN are relatively similar, with the WEN having a more substantial table surface, and the ability to connect to a 120-volt power source.

The Bottom Line

For a first scroll saw, its best to go with the WEN 3920 for its ease of use and affordable price. If you’re looking for a portable solution, choose the Dremel MS20-01 and if you’re in the market for a heavy-duty machine, select the Shop Fox W1713.

Wrapping Up –A Summary of the WEN 3920 Scroll Saw

  • Manufactured by WEN, a global leader in affordable, entry-level power tools.
  • Suitable for woodworking hobbyists and DIY use.
  • Unique features found on more expensive models such as beveled table and adjustable speed control.
  • Not ideal for industrial use or cutting steel due to an underpowered motor.
  • Very affordable – A fantastic blend of functionality and price that suits the novice looking for a quality machine that doesn’t break the bank balance.

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