White Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Building or Renovation Inspiration

Kitchen with Natural Lighting

White symbolizes purity, cleanliness or peace. It is a very common color. You see it in people’s clothes, phones, papers, cars and many more.

Thinking about color white, you want it to be the major color of your newly built or renovated kitchen and you don’t have any idea how to start.

So, I’ve compiled some of the beautiful whit kitchen design ideas to help you finish your kitchen design project with different kinds of power tools.


1. White walls and white cabinetry

White walls and white cabinetry
White cabinets looks very attractive. The center cabinet color can be white or brown finish. With a combination with white wall painting, sure you have a simple and minimalist ambiance in your kitchen. Plus, a white texture marble countertop makes your kitchen elegant.

Add some nice bar stools to your kitchen island with warm colors to make it exciting.

2. White kitchen with natural lighting

Kitchen with Natural Lighting

Perhaps this is the best concept I love. A white kitchen that utilizes natural light makes the surroundings even brighter at day.

3. Modern minimalist

Modern minimalist

You don’t have to be big to be modern in style. This modern and minimalist design is a good concept for homes with smaller kitchen area. You can decorate it with modern lightings and counter height chairs.

4. White elegant and spacious

White elegant
If you have a big family and wide kitchen area, it’s not bad to have the best and elegant kitchen. White cabinets and walls with daylight lightings make it fit to have an elegant kitchen experience.

5. White with a touch of black

White with a touch of black

If you’re not into all white, perhaps a touch of black may attract you. This kitchen has white and black tile combination. The reflection seen on the dark marble countertop adds vibrancy.

6. White with a touch of turquoise

White with a touch of turquoise
A touch of turquoise to the walls, chairs and middle cabinets is beautiful to look at.

7. White with a touch of gold

White with a touch of gold accent

Adding a touch of gold to cabinet handles, lightings, faucets or wall hangers makes your kitchen looks clean and prestigious.

8. White and black combination

White and black combination

Another kitchen design ideas with a white and black combination. Wooden brown floor is ideal but white tiled floor is also perfect.

9. White, beige and brown

White, beige and brown

Painting the wooden materials – cabinets, doors and chair with beige will make it original and natural. These three color combinations do not compete but combines beautifully. Plus, the daylight makes the colors even brighter.

10. All white with modern and luxury lightings

All white with modern and luxury lightings
White is perfect for adding modern lightings. It reflects and shines making your kitchen bright.

11. White honeycomb wall

White honeycomb wall
A concept you can get from the bees’ home. The honeycomb is where the bees store honey and pollen. Add it to your kitchen? Why not?

12. Minimalist white and black

Minimalist white and black

Under cabinet wall and countertops are black. It’s still a good combination.

13. White walls, cabinets and dark tiled countertop

White walls, cabinets and dark tiled countertop White cabinetry and simple dark texture tiles as countertop sure makes a great choice for your next concept.

14. Kitchen with table extension

Kitchen with Table Extension Notice the elegance of this kitchen? A table extension beside the kitchen looks amazing concerning the little space the kitchen has.

15. White wall tiles and cabinetry, plus a little blue accent

White wall tiles and cabinetry

White colors on the walls and cabinets makes this kitchen look very clean and tidy. The wooden top of the center table is just appealing with parallel to the wooden floor.

16. Camouflage white cabinetry

Camouflage cabinetry

This kitchen has a camouflage white cabinets. Stained wood floors bring some natural aesthetics.

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