Beautiful Wooden Floor Design Ideas for Living Room

There is nothing like the look and feel of wooden floors for your living room.  The sheen, color and beauty of natural wood and its practicality are some of the reasons why many homeowners prefer wooden flooring.

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Here are some wooden floor design ideas that are perfect for your living room.

Wooden Floor Design Ideas for Living Room Gallery

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1. Rustic-Style Log Cabin

Rustic-Style Log Cabin

In this log cabin, rustic-style doesn’t always mean old-fashioned and dated.  The hardwood floors are modernized using contemporary furnishings.

2. Apartment Chic

Apartment Chic Wooden Floor

This chic apartment is set apart by its natural floorboards. To achieve this effect, you can use white oak, red oak, or cherry in natural finish.

3. A Nicely-Decorated Man-Cave

A Nicely-Decorated Man-Cave

Here is a perfect complement to a basement room with rough-hewn stone walls: a tigerwood or Brazilian maple hardwood floor with a natural or summer oak stain. It also adds warmth to metal fixtures.

4. Cheerful Luxe

Cheerful Luxe

A lightly-stained wooden floor adds cheer to this living room, highlighting the wooden center table and complementing the white-painted brick wall.

5. The Unifying Factor

The Unifying Factor

The living room leads to a den/home office, and it is the hardwood floors that unifies these two seemingly different rooms. Notice the well-made wooden steps leading down to the office.

6. Avant-Garde Living Room

Avant-Garde Living Room

This avant-garde living room has unexpected elements: The “quilted” fireplace wall, yellow bookcases, and a wooden floor with a unique wood strip pattern.

7. Classic Decor

Classic Decor with Wooden Floor

This classically-decorated living room with a floral sofa and two armchairs has the perfect hardwood floors in a brick bond pattern.  The floor is stained in various complementary shades.

8. A Stunning Fireplace

Living room with stunning fireplace

This beautiful room, which centers around a restored traditional fireplace has stunning hardwood floors with a dark walnut stain.

9. The Right Color Palette

The Right Color Palette

This cozy living room has beautiful wooden floors in a natural finish. The color palette: blue and white striped-sofa, light brown armchairs, white walls and the natural wood finish all evoke relaxed elegance. This is a great little place to relax, sip tea and read a good book.

10. Indoor-Outdoor

Contemporary Living Room with Patio
This bright living room naturally flows into an outdoor lanai. The geometric rug and colorful throw pillows lend a fun twist to the gray couch.

11. A Little Corner for the Dog

A Little Corner for the Dog

A dark walnut or Jacobean wood stain works well for this little corner that belongs to man’s best furry friend.

12. The Wooden Ceiling

The Wooden Ceiling

The wooden ceiling is a surprise twist.  You think it wouldn’t work, but it does. It goes really well with the parquet flooring. The white couch provides a stark contrast to all that wood.

13. Stark and Modern Entrance Hall

Stark and Modern Entrance Hall

This modern entrance hall with large paintings shows a minimalist but artsy aesthetic. The wooden table and staircase are geometrically aligned, showing a clean, stark linear pattern.

14. Seeing Brown

Brown Sofa with Brown Hard Floor

Sometimes, monochromes work well. The monochromatic look works well if different textures and various shades are used. Note the beautifully-stained hardwood with perfect lines and grooves.

15. Banana Leaves – The Perfect Wallpaper Pattern

Banana Wallpaper Plus Hard Wood Floor

Who would have thought that a smattering of banana leaves would make an eye-catching wallpaper? The right furnishings and the perfectly-stained hardwood makes this bright living room a tropical paradise. Our favorites aside from the wallpaper? The low center tables and the vertical area rug that aligns with the hardwood pattern.

16. Muted Tones

Living Room White Walls Hard Wood Floor

A hardwood floor with a darker stain looks stunning in this living room with muted whites, olives, and grays.

17. Airy and Light

Airy and Light

The high ceiling and large windows of this room let in maximum light and gives the impression of huge space.  The hardwood floors extend up to the “open” dining room.

18. Brick and Wood

Brick and Wood

This room has a masculine vibe and is designed for a young bachelor. The focal point is the brick wall and mixed with the hardwood floor, it brings an interesting contrast to the living room.

19. Herringbone Hardwood Floors

Herringbone Hardwood Floors

This lovely interior space has hardwood floors with a herringbone pattern. The creamy white console works well with the royal blue couch.

20. A Mixture of Red and White Oak

A Mixture of Red and White Oak

These floors feature a mixture of red and white oak, and with its Japanese-style shutters and linear furniture, it evokes a Zen-like atmosphere.

21. Monochromatic Brown

Monochromatic Brown

The beams and posts of this high-ceilinged living room match the hardwood floors. The monochromatic brown theme is contrasted with a geometric area rug.

22. Eclectic Chic

Eclectic Chic

This eclectic living room mixes various design elements.  The parquet wooden floor adds to the room’s quirky look.

23. Beach View

Beach View

This luxurious beach cottage features mostly-wooden furniture, with woven armchairs and tropical shutters that allow maximum air and light.

24. Classic European Family Room

Classic European Family Room

With all the traditional elements of a European family room, this features classic hardwood floors, an upholstered red couch, a stone fireplace, a tea table and a china cabinet.

25. From the Top

From the Top

With hardwood floors made of red mahogany or dark walnut, this living room features a bamboo center table and a homey gray couch.

26. A Modern Room

A Modern Room

This spacious living area defines its different functions with distinct furnishings. The wooden floors tie the modern design together and makes it look cohesive.

27. Plants Galore

Plants Galore

Courtesy of photographer Patrick Perkins, this living room reflects preference for decorative potted plants. Without the plants, this room seem to lack personality.

28. A Bleached Hardwood Floor

A Bleached Hardwood Floor

Ideal for smaller spaces, this room uses chocolate brown furniture set against a bleached hardwood floor.  Notice the use of a wooden bench covered with faux fur as additional seating.

29. Colorful Rug on Top

Colorful Rug on Top

One way to make hardwood floors interesting is to place colorful area rugs. The personality of this room centers around the area rug.

30. Vertical and Linear

Vertical and Linear

This German apartment is described as cozy, and it strangely is, despite its sparse furnishings and minimalist design.

31. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures are the focal point of this room located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The design of the wooden table parallels the wooden floor.

32. Geometric Furniture

Geometric Furniture

The matching geometric furniture and rigid lines of this room are softened by the hardwood floors and flower patterns on the wall.

33. Warm Lighting

Warm Lighting

This brown wooden sofa set with lighted table lamps brings warmth to this room.

34. Window View

Window View

A window corner can be brightened with interesting, colorful furniture. These bright yellow chairs look great on the shiny hardwood floor.

35. Love and Apples

Love and Apples

This small room with brown wooden floors and simple furnishings is made more interesting with splashes of red.

36. Detail – Living Room Floor

Detail – Living Room Floor

This highlights the details of the geometric cube pattern of this hardwood floor.

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